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We run a range of managed portfolios, within a disciplined and forward looking investment process. 

We offer a range of portfolio strategies, across the risk and style spectrum, to suit a wide variety of investor requirements. Each portfolio is a blend of active and passive funds, seeking to achieve the desired outcome at the lowest cost. We adopt real (inflation beating) return investment goals across our range of portfolios, through a robust, reliable and repeatable investment process.

The Portfolios 

Below is a summary of the portfolio risk categories. Investors can then select a Core, Income, Impact & Innovation or Passive version of each. 

Potentially lower risk and return



Target Return*:

CPI +1.0%


Target Return*:

CPI +1.5%


Target Return*:

CPI +2.0%


Target Return*:

CPI +2.5%

Potentially higher risk and return


Target Return*:

CPI +3.0%

*Over the long-term. UK Consumer Price Index (CPI), a measure of inflation. Net of fees. No guarantee investment objective will be met.





Investment Philosophy 

  • Reason from first principles, not by analogy - We built our investment management service from the ground up with care, rigour, experience and a vision of the future. We will always look to learn, listen and evolve in a way that makes sense to us and is right for our clients.

  • Diversify effectively - Diversification is a key benefit of multi-asset investing. Diversifying effectively means blending complementary assets classes –  particularly in relation to growth and inflation – in a structured manner, to deliver strong risk-adjusted returns.

  • Embed sensible strategic bias - We have a strategic asset allocation for each of our portfolios, that represents our neutral long-term positioning. Within this, we have embedded inflation protection, through real assets and real return allocations; a tilt to smaller companies to improve expected returns, within equities; and the inclusion of absolute return funds, in place of a portion of the fixed income allocation.

  • Act Responsibly - We have a dual role of acting responsibly as stewards of client assets and acting responsibly in the world that we invest. As investment managers, we have a unique opportunity to influence companies to conduct their business in a more impactful and sustainable way.

  • Offer value for money - We aim to deliver a level of service that offers value for money for our clients, so seek to drive down cost at every stage.

Investment Process

The investment process considers three main components:

  1. Strategic Asset Allocation (SAA) - This is our long-term neutral position across each of the portfolio strategies

  2. Tactical Asset Allocation (TAA) - This is the shorter term deviations we make, from the SAA, reflecting current views from the investment team. 

  3. Fund Selection - Our fund selection process considers both active and passive funds, in what is a broad universe for each, to populate the portfolios. 

All the portfolios consider the following core asset groups as part of their construction:

Defensive Assets

  • Fixed Income consists of a core component of sovereign and corporate bonds, complemented by tactical funds.

  • Absolute Return consist of alternative funds (e.g. Absolute return), where the main objective is to provide steady returns.

  • Real Return assets are those lower risk investments that seek to provide a real (inflation beating) return, such as Index-linked bonds.

Growth Assets 

  • Equities consist of a core component of domestic and overseas equities, complemented by tactical funds.

  • Real Assets are those most sensitive to changes in inflation and include commodities, property and infrastructure.

More cautious portfolios will have a larger weighting to Defensive assets, whereas more risky portfolios, will have a higher allocation to Growth assets.

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